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Abacus Darknet Market Review: A market with everything you need. How safe is the Abacus darknet marketplace?

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Marketplace: Worldwide

Language: English

Established: Early 2020

Currencies: Monero, Bitcoin

Payment Method: Escrow/Multisig/Partial FE (75%, 50%, 25%)

Fees: $300 vendor bond (which can be waivered).

Rules: No weapons, no racism, no poisons, no fentanyl or similar, no blackmail.

The Abacus Darknet Market is quickly becoming one of the biggest darknet markets available. The market started as Alphabet but had a name change a few months after its release in an attempt not to be confused with the Alphabay darknet marketplace. The site gathered over 10,000 listings in its first year and now holds over 25,000 listings. 

The darknet marketplace grew drastically as White House Market, Dak0de, and World Market closed down. 

The interface will be extremely familiar to long-time darknet users, as they copied it directly from Silk Road. Unfortunately, the Abacus deep web market uses the old-fashioned "on-site wallet," which opens doors to an exit scam, especially as it grows to be the biggest darknet marketplace. We recommend you try the site out, but be wary of how much money you hand over to it. 

This review is purely for educational and research purposes.

Any legal and financial action and all losses arising from this review of any kind are 100% your own responsibility.

Abacus Market Pros

For a site to gather over 25K listings, it needs to be likable. So the admin has added features that make the Abacus market desirable. 

  • Opsec and Privacy: Abacus pushes for account security and promises to ensure your data is secure. It has an automatic log cleaning policy and enforces PGP encryption. In addition, they use a mnemonic code for account security. Their Opsec and privacy measures are impressive when compared to other darknet markets. In-Addition, they allow users to use two-factor authentication to log into their account. 
  • Competitive prices: The Abacus Market website has over 25,000 products, so product prices are incredibly competitive. 
  • Payments with Monero and BTC Multisig: as an option to support privacy, XMR is known as the safest cryptocurrency. The site also supports BTC multisig payments, which helps prevent vendor scams and prevents the on-site wallet system. 

Abacus Market Cons

While Abacus sports many advantages, it has its issues. 

  • Massive Growth: When compared to previous darknet markets, immense growth is not good news. In recent years, there have been many exit scams. Sites often feel pressure when they overgrow and can not handle the extra work. Larger markets also have a target on their back, and we have seen the market's simply throw up their hands and say, "fuck it," or simply see it as an opportunity to run away with large amounts of funds. 
  • On-site wallet: While the site does not enforce an on-site wallet, we are aware of the possibilities of an exit scam. The admin is not active on any forums, and therefore it is prone to an exit scam at some point. Although not every market exits scams, it is not uncommon for a top-tier market.
  • Weak DDoS: Abacus darknet markets website has experienced a significant amount of downtime in recent years. Since larger markets could see their potential, Abacus experienced more attacks than most. Unfortunately, their DDoS protection is not strong enough, which can cause frustration for all users. 

Product selection

As with most darknet markets, the primary product in the Abacus darknet market is drugs, a large portion of the products are digital items too. However, they do not restrict listings for other products. 

Allowed products

  • Cannabis/Hash, Benzodiazepines, Dissociatives, Psychedelics, Ecstasy, Opioids, Steroids, Stimulants
  • Prescription drugs and "study drugs" such as Adderall or Ritalin
  • Fraud
  • Services such as hacking, carding, fake documents, etc.
  • Digital Products
  • Software, Malware, Guides, Exploits, etc
  • Security and hacking services

Banned Products

The Abacus Market doesn't allow the trade of:

  • Services such as prostitution
  • Child porn
  • Murder services
  • Poisons
  • Weapons

Creating An Account

Note: There are many scam attempts for any darknet marketplace. Ensure that you use the Abacus market URL provided here: abacuseeettcn3n2zxo7tqy5vsxhqpha2jtjqs7cgdjzl2jascr4liad.onion

Abacus has a fantastic security policy; this is greatly appreciated on the darknet and is a big reason for their success. However, this means their account sign-up is more tedious than other darknet markets. 

The sections you need to fill in during registration are:

  • Private Username
  • Public Username
  • Password + Confirm Password
  • 6 Digit pin password + Confirm (Needed to withdraw any funds)
  • Enter Login Phrase
  • Optional affiliate section
  • The regular fill the letters Captcha

Ensure that none of these pins or names are related to your real-life identity. Once you have filled in all these details, you will click "join the market." You are then taken to the Mnemonic code. 

The mnemonic phrase is for recovery purposes only. The only time that Abacus provides this phrase is during registration. Therefore, to ensure you do not lose your funds or your account, it is vital that you save this code. 


On-site Mixer

While there is no mixer built into the site, Abacus partnered with Kilos mixer. When users enter the deposit/withdrawal page, they will see Kilo's Mixer option. This allows you to send withdrawn funds into the mixer and then from the mixer to your wallet. The mixer "cleans" your funds by washing them with Monero, ensuring the entire process remains anonymous. 

Affiliate System

Abacus offers an affiliate system as a motive to gather more members. The Abacus Market Affiliate program is a feature that rewards users for inviting others. The affiliate program gives users 25% of the Abacus market's commission or 1% of all sales made from the affiliated user. 

Bug Bounty Program

Abacus offer's a "bug bounty program," which means that they are confident in their code and are actively working to ensure it's as secure as possible. It is appreciated that the market is confident, which further proves how important the site takes its security. 


As proven throughout this review, Abacus has a priority of user security. They implement heavy and tedious systems to ensure user anonymity. This is greatly appreciated in Darknet Marketplaces. The website works well and is user-friendly. In addition, we haven't seen many complaints about their dispute system. 

However, the site's online presence is low, they've had a recent burst of growth, and they offer an on-site wallet. As a result, the opportunity and reason to perform an exit scam grows daily, and sooner or later, a rug pull or market seizure for a site this size seems inevitable. Therefore, we recommend using this site with caution.

What do you think? Is Abacus Market the next greatest marketplace on the darknet? Let us know about your experience with Abacus market in the comments!

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